Inner Sister Silver is a one Goddess show, currently creating along the river in Maryland. Starting with a sheet of silver, all natural stones and a bit of magic, each piece is handcrafted using traditional silversmithing techniques. Every stone has been handpicked by myself and cut by talented lapidarist from all over the world.

Thankfully, I chose my path at a young age, having fallen in love with turquoise at an even younger age. A little girl with a ring or three on every finger, collecting rocks and wildcrafting flower jewelry. I was obsessed with anything Southwestern, Native American and definitely turquoise. With my turquoise fingers crossed that my Grand Mother wouldn’t ask for the ring back that she brought home from New Mexico. Here I am today, creating the jewelry that inspired me as a child. I spent my teens and early 20’s building my workshop, honing my skills, and working in jewelry stores. I treated my job like my education, learning anything I could from anyone who was willing to shed a sliver of wisdom, some time at the bench, or allowing me to watch them work. I am finally in a place that I can create tangible magic and I am truly honored to share it with you. Adorn yourself, and your spirit, always.

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